popsicle stick sox

by tammy

popsicle stick box

Popsicle stick projects have been entertaining children for generations, and the popsicle stick box is an old staple.

This simple building project can be done with children as young as 3 (with help, of course). And guess what? It’s functional.

All you need to get going are popsicle sticks and Elmer’s glue… where you go from there is up to you! We decorated our lid with a simple leaf cut-out from an old magazine, and affixed it with Mod Podge (you can also dilute a little Elmer’s with water). However, you may want to jazz up your lid by gluing on beads or shells, or even painting it.. the possibilities are a-plenty!

The steps have been outlined visually below. The most important thing to remember when constructing your Popsicle Stick Box is not to use too much glue, just a dab will do, and you need to allow your box to dry before moving it.
stick box how to

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