t-shirt chop shop

by tammy

Last summer, when I was putting together a box of clothes to donate to the homeless shelter, I picked up a few ill-fitting T-shirts and got happy with the scissors. This summer, I’m bringing it to the blog.

Redesigning an old shirt with a few snips and knots is a great no-sew way to make the old new again. This project works best with over sized, frumpy, tight-necked, concert and even giveaway shirts (you know the ones you get for free from events that come in the one-size-fits-all poorly variety). It’s also a great way to jazz up your kids summer camp T’s.

I am going to start the post-series with a simple cut and work my way up to more intricate designs in the following lessons. This simple cut is also the starting point for other designs. So pay attention!!

Check out the images below for instructions, and please…

** click on the image to see full-size!! the thumbnails crop out details **

Once you’re done, try on your new creation to see how it looks!! You may decide to make a larger scoop of the neck for a little off-the-shoulder action, or you might grab another T and get snippin’… just remember to save some shirts for the next tutorial.

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  • Anonymous

    Great idea! I actually folded my t shirt in half and cut a half circle around the collar so it was perfectly even on both sides. Same with the sleeves. Thanks so much for the tips – my “new” shirt looks fabulous!

  • Tara

    This was exactly what I was looking for! I have been holding onto this ringer shirt that I didn’t want to part with, and now it will spend time being worn instead of just hanging out in the drawer. Thank you!

  • Aimee

    I’ve had this on Pinterest for a while and finally did this with 2 t-shirts and it made a HUGE difference both in fit and cute-factor :) And we’re using the leftover fabric for garden ties! Thanks!

  • Amy MacReilly

    I love this! I have so many tees that have tighter necks, and I hate them. I just did this with my TWD tee, and now I love it. I have lots more to do!

  • Debi Zentz

    Can this work with a baseball style t-shirt? It has raglan sleeves; but the collar is just too tight.

  • Ayesha9906

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