a house fit for a (tooth) fairy

by tammy

A wonderfully warm weekend inspired a little backyard clean-up/mini-dance party.

One of my friends recently lost her tooth, and while washing away the winter debris we talking about the tooth fairy and how she would have really liked the awesome recycled fairy houses we made a couple years ago. So, instead of pining over past projects we got busy on a new one…

To begin, we spent some time scavenging the yard for sturdy sticks, dried leaves and debris we thought might make a nice home for our magical friends.

The structure of the house is a simple tee pee design. We collected sticks of almost-equal length and started tying them together with a piece of twine. Add a few more branches and continue to wrap until you form a nice framework.

Use dried leaves to create walls around the tee pee frame (areal view of the tee pee below).

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  • makayla

    they are very beutieful

  • http://murrellsinletdentist.com/meet-dentists-myrtle-beach-murrells-inlet-sc.html sean butcher

    That tooth fairy house looks warm and cozy! I wouldn’t mind spending a night there! Heh! I never knew that there was such a thing as tooth fairy houses. Well, I should build one for my daughter’s tooth fairy. =))

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