recreate an old frame

written by tammy

recreate an old frame

A few years back I scooped up these old frames someone left on their stoop for give away. They’ve been gathering dust in the corner for a while now, so I decided to follow my own advice… use or or loose it!

Here is what I did:

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the functional frame

written by tammy

Time to take that simple wooden frame and make it work overtime!

With just a few screw-in hardware hooks you can transform that plain picture frame into a convenient place to keep your keys.

What To Do: Use a ruler to evenly space out where you will place the hooks. Mark your measurements with a pencil. With a hammer and a small nail, gently tap a tiny hole into each of your pencil marks. Twist your hooks into the holes and that’s it!!

Pick your favorite pre-Picasso to frame, hang it by the door, and enjoy your re-newed functional and fabulous frame.


decoupage photo frame

written by tammy

decoupage frame

What You Need:
- Old Magazine
- Scissors
- Mod Podge glue
- Paint Brush/Sponge
- Old Frame

Instead of tossing out those old, banged-up frames… Recreate Them!

1. Cover your work area with paper, then start cutting out pieces from the magazine to cover your frame with. It is a good idea to cut and measure all your pieces before starting to glue.

For our frame, we went with a patterned background and then put a couple of cute pictures on top of the pattern… to make them stand out.

2. When all the cutting is done, you are ready to decoupage.
The steps are simple: apply Mod Podge glue to frame with your brush, place your cutting on top of the glue, then cover the entire image with even more glue. Do this for the whole frame.

Tip: If you are applying picture layers (a picture on top of another picture) allow the bottom layer to dry before applying the next layer to the top. As Mod Podge starts to dry, painting over the same place again while half-wet, often results in paper tearing.

3. Allow your decoupage to dry a few hours, then apply one last coat of Mod Podge, to even things out, and you’re done!!


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