the easiest terrarium ever

written by tammy

impress your friends and transform your home image with the easiest terrarium project ever

After a nice long summer of travel and beaches, there’s nothing like settling back into the snuggly fall weather with a little home updating.  After hanging the awesome Chris Marley owl butterfly we bought over the summer, we moved on to the air plants we brought back from Cape Cod and the beautiful hexagonal terrarium. I have to say, there is nothing easier to make and maintain than an air plant terrarium. They are simple to assemble and the plants only need an occasional spritzing or a weekly dunk in water to thrive.  I love our new terrarium and our warm and natural corner redo.

All you need for this is a container, gardening moss and a few air plants. Simple is better, but you can also add a favorite rock or mineral,  shells collected on a favorite vacation, driftwood twigs, etc.

update your home and impress your friends with this step by step photo process for making the easiest terrarium ever

easy air plant terrarium via

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