paper doghouse

written by tammy

paper doghouse

When it’s time for some rainy-day after school fun, sit down at the table for another craft that doubles as an activity.

Using heavyweight paper, we outlined our designs in black ink then filled it in with watercolor.  Starting with a flat piece of paper we designed the yard, fully equipped with toys and a bowl.

paper yard

Draw a dog, paint, dry and then cut it out.  Use another small strip of paper to construct a stand to prop your puppy up, and glue it into place. When everything is dry have fun with the kids setting up house and playing pretend. We brought out the Playmobile toys for added fun and hours of entertainment.

paper dog

paper dog house2


watercolor & crayons

written by tammy

watercolor crayonsSummer projects are the best because making a mess outdoors always seems like less of a mess!!

Make a splash this year with watercolors and crayons. This simple project is one of the few ways that kids can get a great picture with cheap watercolor paints. First, draw a picture on the back of a piece of paper (from the recycling bin) with bright bold crayons. Then paint all over it with washable watercolor paints. When the picture is dry, cut it out into fun shapes.

We had a group of kids in the yard for this project, so we went with an underwater theme. They really got into it!!

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