just say yes (thebabysitter files)

by tammy

I’m lucky enough to spend my time with some very big thinkers. They have ideas by the bag full. And while most of the time, we as adults can already see the flaws in their master plan, sometimes we have to step back, Say Yes, and let them give it a shot!

It was getting late, and what started out as four kids playing with colored modeling clay has dwindled down to the dynamic-duo rolling, twisting and kneading their way into a plan.


The problem was this: they wanted to use the make-and-bake clay, but there was not enough left for everyone. So I said: No, Let’s use the modeling clay today, so everyone has a chance to play.

The whole time their brains were churning. “Tammy,” one would ask, “what would happen if we baked this clay?”

“It would melt everywhere. It’s not the same as the make-and-bake kind.”

A little while later, “What if we mixed the two types of clay together, then it would work, right?”

“Sorry you guys, I don’t really think that would work. The modeling clay portion would still melt if we put it in the oven.”

Snakes and snails and baskets were made, and a new theory was formulated… they would paint the clay with glue.

And once again they asked me their, what if, and I said, “Why not!”

I told them that I didn’t think it would turn out the same as the baking clay, but if they wanted to try, go right ahead.

We put down some newspaper and they painted their clay sculptures with Modge-Podge and inexpensive brushes. Partially because we had it, but also because it dries clear and won’t wash off.

What happened? A great idea!

A day later, and the glue had formed a clear, protective barrier around the clay. A great, less-mess way of preserving modeling clay masterpieces!

Kudos to my Big Thinkers… and to myself for just Saying Yes!

    P.S. While we had the glue out and the paper down, we did some collages, made masks, and had even more fun.
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