decoupage photo frame

written by tammy

decoupage frame

What You Need:
- Old Magazine
- Scissors
- Mod Podge glue
- Paint Brush/Sponge
- Old Frame

Instead of tossing out those old, banged-up frames… Recreate Them!

1. Cover your work area with paper, then start cutting out pieces from the magazine to cover your frame with. It is a good idea to cut and measure all your pieces before starting to glue.

For our frame, we went with a patterned background and then put a couple of cute pictures on top of the pattern… to make them stand out.

2. When all the cutting is done, you are ready to decoupage.
The steps are simple: apply Mod Podge glue to frame with your brush, place your cutting on top of the glue, then cover the entire image with even more glue. Do this for the whole frame.

Tip: If you are applying picture layers (a picture on top of another picture) allow the bottom layer to dry before applying the next layer to the top. As Mod Podge starts to dry, painting over the same place again while half-wet, often results in paper tearing.

3. Allow your decoupage to dry a few hours, then apply one last coat of Mod Podge, to even things out, and you’re done!!



art box,jr. (kit)

written by tammy

art box1

Assemble this easy kit at home for any little person in your life!

Art Box, Jr. is the perfect gift for young artists. Choose a plastic pencil box and write the child’s name in ABC stickers, then start filling it with goodies appropriate to the age of the child.

This gift-kit is for a 4yo, so we put markers, stickers, glue stick, tape, scissors, cute erasers and some post-its. If they are under 3yo, substitute markers for crayons (and skip the scissors).

Art Box, Jr. also makes a great Travel Art Box… good for airplane rides and weekend stays at grandma’s house.

art box2


doll in a bag (kit)

written by tammy

doll kit

Gift giving is always more exciting than gift getting… especially when you take the time to gift-it right. There are tons of great creative projects out there, why not pick a project, collect all the supplies and Make A Gift Kit.

Over the next couple weeks, we will try to post a few extra creative gift giving ideas… since it is the season for gifting. Today we are sharing, Doll in a Bag. The main thing you need for this gift-set is a blank craft doll. We got ours from the dollar store, but you can find one at craft or sewing store.

The rest of the things you could probably find around the house… some buttons for eyes, embroidery thread to stitch a mouth, some yarn for hair, and felt or old clothing scraps to design a fabulous holiday outfit for Dolly. Put it all together in a cute bag or box and give it to someone you care about.


too many boxes(2) pirate island

written by tammy

Save a box and make a toy!

This is a great gloomy-day/sick-day activity for children because it takes up a lot of time, but you’re having so much fun you don’t really notice it pass. It’s so easy to get wrapped up collecting tidbits from around the house and adding the little details that will make playing with your finished project so much fun!

All you need to get started is an old box, scissors, some glue or modge-podge, magazine clippings & paint. Where you go from there is up to you…

Help kids get started by deciding on a theme… Castle, Jungle, City, or Pirate Island (like us!) Draw a simple outline in pencil, cut-out any shapes then let them go.

The steps in this project are outlined visually, below.

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