popsicle stick sox

written by tammy

popsicle stick box

Popsicle stick projects have been entertaining children for generations, and the popsicle stick box is an old staple.

This simple building project can be done with children as young as 3 (with help, of course). And guess what? It’s functional.

All you need to get going are popsicle sticks and Elmer’s glue… where you go from there is up to you! We decorated our lid with a simple leaf cut-out from an old magazine, and affixed it with Mod Podge (you can also dilute a little Elmer’s with water). However, you may want to jazz up your lid by gluing on beads or shells, or even painting it.. the possibilities are a-plenty!

The steps have been outlined visually below. The most important thing to remember when constructing your Popsicle Stick Box is not to use too much glue, just a dab will do, and you need to allow your box to dry before moving it.
stick box how to


old clothes pillows

written by tammy

When clearing out the closet to make room for all the unbelievable after-holiday finds, be sure to put aside a few graphic-T’s and interesting fabrics for sewing projects like this one…

old clothes pillows

Old Clothes Pillows is also an amazing way to hang on to a part of a favorite old shirt, or kids outfit that is never going to fit again. Tween girls will love filling up their beds with these tiny little pillows, and boys can turn their favorite old sports shirts into team pillows. Sewing skills are required (but not professional!)

some pictures

1. Using sharp scissors, cut out the shape you are going to use for the front of your pillow. Then, choose and cut a contrasting color or pattern for the pillow back.

2. Pin the fabric together inside-out, and then sew. We used our sewing machine (because practice is good) but, for the most part, these pillows are not that large and can also be sewn by hand. Be sure to leave an opening for stuffing the pillow

3. Flip your pillow case right-side-out and stuff! Since these were to toss around my house, I used poly-fill from an old (clean) dog bed. I also suggest shredding the remainder of the clothing fabric you did not use for stuffing or, stray sock stuffing.

4. Hand-sew the stuffing hole and you’re done! Enjoy! …but watch out, they’re totally addictive!

clothes pillows


icy winter feeder

written by tammy

winter feeder

Help your feathered friends make it through the cold season with this Icy Winter Feeder.

The steps are quite simple…

1. Take a winter nature hike and gather dried flowers, berries, herb, twigs, leaves, pine cones, evergreen, or any other thing found in nature.

2. Arrange your trimmings on a plastic lid or container (see picture below).

3. Sprinkle generously with birdseed.

4. Fill almost to the top with water (leave room for it to expand as it freezes).

5. Drape a piece of string into your creation, making sure to press each end down into the water so it will freeze into place.

6. Freeze until solid, then hang it up outside and wait for your flying friends to discover their frozen feast.



it’s a wrap (idea for holiday leftovers)

written by tammy



animal totem ribbon

written by tammy


The Animal Totem Ribbon is a fun and adorable, multi-step project.

This project involves cooking and permanent paint, so adult supervision and interactivity is required. To get started you will have to make some Salt-Dough.

- 2 cups flour
- 3/4 cup salt
- 3/4 cup water

1. Gather the ingredients and squish them together in a medium sized bowl until everything is combined. You’ll have to push up your sleeves and get your hands dirty for this one!

2. Roll out the dough and cut out your favorite animal shapes with cookie cutters (or whatever is in the Play-Doh bin).
3. Carefully, slide half of a bobby-pin (or paper clip) into the top of the shape, and then place on a cookie sheet.

4. Bake your creations at 350 degrees, for about 20 minutes, or until golden brown.

5. Let cool, completely.

6. Paint your animals with acrylic paint for a nice, long lasting finish. What about kids? Make sure there is a lot of supervision for young ones, it’s okay to use permanent paints sometimes, as long as there is the proper amount of adult help, and everything is covered up! Note: You could try tempura (or poster) paints, however when we did, the high water content made our baked goods a bit soft again… it dried eventually, but we were not that pleased with the results.

We painted each of our animals with a single, bright color. Once dry, we added eyes (and other tiny details).

7. Let dry, completely.

8. Arrange your creatures, and then, starting with the top, tie them one by one, onto a long piece of colored ribbon. Tie a loop at the top of your totem to hang it up with. **Make this project boy-friendly by using thick string or twine instead of ribbon. Tie big chunky knots and wrap tape around the ends of the string**

9. If you want, you can jazz up your totem by adding some beads, bells, or more ribbon… like us!

Check out the pictures…



art box deluxe (kit)

written by tammy

This was, hands down, the best gift I gave this winter… and while the holidays have passed, there are plenty of birthdays ahead in the new year to give The Best Gift Ever. Art Box Deluxe is filled with tons and tons of great art-project stuff for crafty kids about 6years and older (depending on the child, of course).

To make this interesting, the majority of the contents in Art Box Deluxe were selected to accompany the projects listed in the book D.I.Y. Kids, by Ellen Lupton and Julia Lupton. In addition to tucking all the materials neatly into a large tupperware container, I also put post-it tabs on the corresponding pages in the book to make it easy for youngsters to get started right away.

Since the gift was also for a bubbalulu kid, I made sure to put some extra supplies for projects we write about (or will write about) on our blog.

Check out the picture below for a listing of all the goodies inside this great gift…

art box deluxe

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