bean bag buddies

written by tammy

Bean Bag Buddies

Lacking the adequate time for sewing, these cute little buddies were whipped up in less than half an hour with the help of an adult and a hot glue gun.

Start with a piece of colored felt. Cut into a long strip at least 5 inches wide and about 10 inches long. We used the fold-over technique to form a quick pocket that only needs 3 sides sealed.

Heat up the hot glue gun while you decorate your buddy. We used yarn, buttons, and more colored felt to make a cute face for our buddies. Sharpies, or another type of permanent marker also works well for drawing on details.

When your face is decorated, seal 2 of the sides with hot glue, and let cool for about 5 minutes (it is important that the glue have enough time to set). This should form a pocket.

Next you have to fill your buddy. The idea is to use beans, but we had to improvise and mix beans with dry elbow macaroni. It worked great.

Now, seal up the final side, allow the hot glue to cool completely and your buddy is ready!

Bean bag buddies are not only an easy craft, but the first step of a fun activity… line up pots and pans from smallest to largest and you have yourself a bean-bag-toss.

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