flower cans

written by tammy

flower cans

This one’s plain, simple, and best when duplicated.

Empty metal cans are an eco-stylish decorating advantage. These cheap and useful vases are a great way to disperse flowers throughout your home and yard while entertaining this summer season.

Simply collect and clean out your empty food cans. Tomato cans work well, because the inside of the can is coated with a special enamel finish, but any empty can will do.

If working with children, please make sure there are no sharp edges where the lid came off. If so, going over the area with a can opener one more time will usually do the trick.

To prevent rust rings on your furniture or ledges, coat the bottom of each can with clear nail polish, and allow to dry completely.

Fill the cans halfway with water. Add a few small stones to the bottom of each can to weigh them down, and then add the flowers. Tiny hands will find it fun and easy arranging flowers in these mini-marvels.


outdoor art

written by tammy

The warmer months are a great time for painting.

Put the kids in their bathing suits, gather your supplies and bring it all outside (to the yard, stoop, or park). Use washable tempura paints and let them go wild. Paint pictures, leaves, fingers, toes, whatever! Encourage them to use their imaginations, get messy & have fun.

When play time’s over, grab the hose (or sprinklers at the park) and wash off. Whip out the shampoo and call it a night. This one’s sure to be a hit!

summer paint

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