a picture is worth a thousand words… really

written by tammy

photo alphabet

A few months ago I started a new photo project: collecting letters. What you see above is only a sampling of the ABC’s I’ve snapped throughout the city.

Like bringing little e.lie with me and photographing his adventures, having a side project with the camera is not only fun, but it opens your mind to seeing the everyday in another way.

Check back in a week or so (update: maybe a little longer than that) to see one of the projects I have planned for my new collection… I just need a little more printer ink first.

In the meanwhile grab your camera and click! click!


silly people paper bag puppets

written by tammy

Take your standard paper bag puppet to the next level with a little collaging. These silly paper bag puppets are a combination of magazine clippings, feathers, googlie eyes, glitter, beads pipe cleaner and more…

silly paper bag puppet

We started by going through old magazines and looking for mix-and-match body parts. We cut out eyes, noses, feet, arms and outfits. Then, with a glue stick and the collage box, we got to work assembling funny faces and personalities for our puppets. As we worked, we gave the puppets names and hobbies and voices, and by the time we were done gluing everything together we were ready to put on a show.

The most difficult part of this project was waiting for the glue to dry before we could play!!!

silly paper bag puppets

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