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craftAWL.com is the new and improved home of my creative expenditures. To photograph and to share, so that maybe you too will find out how much fun it is to be elbow deep in string and wallpaper paste!!

I hope you will find this site down-to-earth! Many of the projects are born out of the recycle bin, or finding clever reuses for things that might have otherwise ended up in a landfill.

Almost all of the kids projects are done by or with… don don don.. actual children!! Sometimes they come up with the ideas, sometimes I do. Sometimes they even take the pictures. We’re un-fancy and no frills. I believe in FUN over form or function.

Everything before May 2009, was transferred over from my old blog at BubbaLulu (no longer active) with a BIG focus on projects for wee folks.

As long as I’m chillin’ with some of the coolest kids in Brooklyn, the children’s crafts and activities will keep coming, but my hopes are that this site will be able to house an even wider range of interests and craftivities.

…I guess we’ll just have to see how it evolves…

Who am I? I’m a thirty-something writing styling web designing dumpster diving photo taking blogging Brooklynite poet computer geek with one disastrous little dog!

If you like a craft, please… post a comment! If you want to use an image please ask or link back. All pictures are my original property unless otherwise stated.

If you have a question, e-mail… tammy@craftawl.com

Thanks for reading!

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